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How to stay fit if you sit 9 to 5

A sedentary job increases your risk of serious health problems. Find out how many minutes of exercise you should do to offset your 9 to 5 job.

Chris Tang’s 5 Top Tips to Kickstart your 2024

Top influencer, Chris Tang, shares some inspiring tips to meet your 2024 lifestyle and fitness goals

Are All Calories the Same?

When is a calorie not a calorie? Are calories from different foods absorbed differently? A nutritionist explains how not all calories are burned in th...

How to lose, gain or maintain with Prep Kitchen!

solovey nightingale


Recently, we’ve been inspired by our good friend Yasha Estraikh from Solovey, and fellow Ukrainian, Nazar, from the Prep Kitchen production team, to s...

healthy vegetable salad in bowl on table placemat

28 Quick Ways to Cut Calories

How to cut calories for calorie deficit: drink water before meal; control your portions; eat on smaller plates; eat slowly; chew your food; increase p...

Two male athletes on gym floor after workout next to barbell

Overtraining- Are You Exercising Too Much?

For most athletes who are accustomed to training through a 'bad day'; training through the pain and soreness, or training through a 'bad night's slee...

What are the Benefits of a High-Protein Diet?

What are the benefits of eating more protein in your diet? Here are 9 benefits of a high protein diet. Learn more now!

Cup of espresso with coffee beans on the table

Does Coffee Affect Exercise Performance?

Coffee helps increase energy. Coffee burns fat. Coffee increases alertness. Coffee improves athletic endurance and performance. Coffee improves concen...

International Women's Day: Meet Our Female Warriors

Three amazing Prep Kitchen female ambassadors, Katerina Johnson-Thompson, Sheli McCoy, and Sapphire Goddard, share their experiences and inspirational...

Athletes jumping on box in gym workout

The Pros and Cons of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT training burns more calories in less time, burns fat, improves blood pressure, improves heart rate, improves bone and joint health, improves ment...

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Benefits of Fibre in Your Diet

Find out all about the benefits of eating fibre, what exactly is fibre, what are the different types of fibre, and why a high-fibre diet is so importa...