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Recently, we’ve been inspired by our good friend Yasha Estraikh from Solovey, and fellow Ukrainian, Nazar, from the Prep Kitchen production team, to s...

Can Protein Help to Support Mental Health?

A nutrition expert examines the relationship between protein intake and mood

From Rookie to Rocky

Lady losing weight

16 Easy Exercise and Diet Tips for Cutting Belly Fat

Easy tips to lose belly fat: Reduce Your Caloric Intake; Control Your Portion Sizes; Avoid Sugar and Processed Foods; Drink Lots of Water; Do cardio E...

Man exercising on a gym mat

Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

Weight loss is the sum of all that is lost in your body including fat, muscle, water, and wastage. Fat loss is the specific reduction of body fat. To...

Teaspoon of sugar with strawberries on table

Sugar- Are You Consuming Too Much?

Are you eating too much sugar? Too much sugar can lead to obesity, dental problems, joint problems, sleep problems, hypertension, skin issues, and dig...

healthy vegetable salad in bowl on table placemat

28 Quick Ways to Cut Calories

How to cut calories for calorie deficit: drink water before meal; control your portions; eat on smaller plates; eat slowly; chew your food; increase p...

Athletes jumping on box in gym workout

The Pros and Cons of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT training burns more calories in less time, burns fat, improves blood pressure, improves heart rate, improves bone and joint health, improves ment...

whole-grain nuts and seeds in bowl

Benefits of Fibre in Your Diet

Benefits of fibre: keeps you regular; helps maintain bowel health; Good for your heart; Controls blood sugar levels; reduces risk of type 2 diabetes;...

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Weight Loss Maintenance- Keeping the Weight off!

8 tips for keeping the weight off after weight loss: plan for maintenance phase; meal prep; track your food; watch your weight; understand triggers an...

Lady sleeping on bed with alarm clock

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

7 health benefits of good sleep hygiene; Signs of not enough sleep; dangers of sleep deprivation; tips for better sleep; REM sleep.

Water pouring into glass

Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Signs of dehydration are feeling thirsty; dark yellow strong-smelling pee; feeling dizzy or lightheaded; feeling tired; dry mouth; peeing little. Tips...