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Chris Tang’s 5 Top Tips to Smash your Personal Goals

Top influencer, Chris Tang, shares some inspiring tips to meet your lifestyle and fitness targets

How to eat healthy when eating out

10 top tips to helping you eat healthy when eating out, and how to eat out without overindulging or overeating. Learn more now!

Does Protein Help You to Lose Weight?

How does protein help you lose weight? Learn everything you need to know about the relationship between weight loss and protein intake with our helpfu...

How to stay fit if you sit 9 to 5

A sedentary job increases your risk of serious health problems. Find out how many minutes of exercise you should do to offset your 9 to 5 job.

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Does Coffee Affect Exercise Performance?

Coffee helps increase energy. Coffee burns fat. Coffee increases alertness. Coffee improves athletic endurance and performance. Coffee improves concen...

Prep Kitchen achieves a place in the 2024 The Sunday Times 100 list

Prep Kitchen has been given a place on the prestigious 2024 Sunday Times 100 list of Britain’ fastest-growing private companies

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Are You Eating Too Much Sugar?

Find out how much sugar you should be eating each day; how to monitor your sugar consumption, and discover 10 tips to reduce your sugar intake

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28 Quick Ways to Cut Calories

How to cut calories for calorie deficit: drink water before meal; control your portions; eat on smaller plates; eat slowly; chew your food; increase p...

How to lose, gain or maintain with Prep Kitchen!

PRIDE: Celebrating LGBTQ+ Athletes - Jake Williamson Shares his Story

Prep Kitchen is proud to be supported by LGBTQ+ athlete Jake Williamson. Celebrate PRIDE month 2024 with us and read his inspiring story

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Weight Loss Maintenance- Keeping the Weight off!

8 tips for keeping the weight off after weight loss: plan for maintenance phase; meal prep; track your food; watch your weight; understand triggers an...

How much protein do I need?

Protein is a core building block for healthy living, but exactly how much do we need each day? Find out your recommended protein intake with our simpl...