John Chapman - Personal Trainer & Nutrition coach

I've been using Prep Kitchen religiously for some time now & it's been a game changer for me, especially since becoming a father as my time became more limited. Having ready accessible meals that fit my macros & goals is so very helpful for me.

John has been a Personal Trainer for over a decade. He`s also an author and a nutrition coach, as well as being featured in publications such as Men's Health.

How it works

Step 1
Pick your plans & meals
Define your goal and choose meals from our biweekly rotating menu
Step 2
Each meal is freshly prepared
Our chefs freshly prepare your dishes with macro precision
Step 3
Then couriered to your door
Receive your fresh cooked meals, chilled & ready for the fridge or freezer
Step 4
Just heat, eat, & enjoy Heat them up, enjoy
Heat them up, enjoy the delicious flavours, track your macros
Step 5
Finally hit your goals!
Whether it's fat loss or muscle gain, there's no easier way to hit your body goals
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